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  1. bikash purkayastha

    I have been following this site becaue of my interest in adventure in desert. Last year this time I attended on meeting. I am still not sure if my FORD EXPLORER 4 wheel drive is acceptable for this training lessons. Can you please advise.
    It will be appreciated if the site can list some of the 4 wheel drives that are acceptable.

  2. Mounir

    Today (15th Feb. 2016), I was in Oil & Gas Exhibition Centre from 700: to 7:30 and NO “Theory Training Talks” was occur. I checked with the reception and they confirm to me that No training will occur today.
    Please Confirm.

  3. Renske

    Good morning,
    yesterday, I registered two friends and myself for the Theory Training on the 18th of September.
    Are we supposed to receive a confirmation on our email addresses or can we assume we will be on the list?
    Thank you!

    • admin

      Apologies for the late reply – you are on the list.
      Automatic replies are sent but currently we have a problem because many email service providers block these (eg hotmail, yahoo, gmail and frequently PDO) – working on this

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