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DA_Photo David Alsop Club Chairman:  I have been involved in offroad driving activities for over 25 years including circumnavigation of Australia. I came to Oman in 2010 and have since done many Wahiba crossings in my Jeep Wrangler, a trip to the Oman side of the Empty Quarter as well as mountain and wadi trips. I started as equipment officer and somehow in 2012 became Chairman. In 2014 I changed my ORAC role to become training officer for the practical training of club members. As a temporary measure I am currently serving as Club Chairman again.
Ian Ian Campbell – Club Secretary:

This is Ian.

He is the club secretary.

He mostly does secretarial things.

He is a volunteer.

Ian appreciates the other volunteers.

Be like Ian

Katherine Jones – Club Treasurer: As Treasurer I get involved with all sorts of activities, not just counting the money. Buying equipment for ORAC training events, choosing T-shirts for the Wahiba Challenge, planning the Wahiba Challenge Dinner and collecting payments to enter the Challenge are just a few of the things I do. I also help to plan and run ORAC Mountain Trips together with Steve, and to do reconnaissance trips with the other Trip Co-ordinators. It is a great job and if you are interested in getting involved with ORAC, the Treasurer's position is a good one.
 slide0086_image258 Simon Hatfield – Chief Technical Officer: The role of the Technical advisor is to assist with technical matters. This can be for club events or out in the field. On many occasions this has involved the repair of vehicles out in the desert and there is much thanks for this service.
 ray Ray Archer – Chief Training Officer - Theory : I started driving off-road in the mountains of Oman about 12 years ago before the dreaded blacktop arrived. In fact at a time when a trip to Sur was a full day off road adventure. My first experience in sand was outside my local laundrette where I parked and got stuck....yes in sand! Deciding there was a lesson to be learned I bought my Wrangler and only wish I had got stuck earlier. Magic!I now help people to get experience, safely, in the sand by running ORAC courses and training events. I have recently taken over the ORAC website (you are reading it) and am happy for feedback or printable suggestions.  rarcher@omantel.net.om
 no_photo_available_clip_art_24455 Evert Schuiling – Equipment Officer: 
Steve Jones – Equipment Officer: I've been in Oman for over 2 years and love the trips to the desert or on the wildest of roads in the mountains, so I'm always keen to run ORAC Trips and to help out with the practical training events. As Equipment Officer I have put together Training Kits for ORAC committee members for when they run the practical training events in the desert just before the Wahiba Challenge. The kits include all the equipment needed to ensure that ORAC can safely help participants if they get stuck or a tyre comes off the rim etc.
 no_photo_available_clip_art_24455 Mark Tribble – Training Officer: 
  Jamal Suleiman– Trip Coordinator:  One of the younger members in the committee. You will probably see me helping out the members in the desert in my white FJ (AKA The White Lion) unless if you are driving a jeep 🙂
  Vacant – Trip Coordinator:
  Vacant – Trip Coordinator

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  1. I wish to join ORAC club as a beginner. Please advise regarding the membership and how to include my email address in mailing list to get the events information in time.

    Please note that I am an RAHRC member.

    Thanks and Regards!

    • sarah bradley

      I would like to join the ORAC, my husband works at PDO so we are RAHRC members, with 1 son 14 years old, we’ve been since April this year and are looking forward to off-road trips to wadis, mountains, beaches etc please could we join and let us know what is up and coming in terms of events. Thank You. Sarah

  2. Nick Bannister


    I have a 2009 Wrangler Jeep and need to get it serviced. It’s now out of the MOPAR warranty and i was wondering if there’s a good jeep garage in Muscat?

    I’m also looking to do some modifications… Bigger wheels and lifting. So any advice where to get a good deal..

    Many thanks


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