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Welcome to the Ras Al Hamra Off Road Adventure Club (or, just ORAC). We are a relatively large non-profit organization with more than 200 members that exists under the friendly umbrella of the PDO Ras Al Hamra Recreation Club located in Mina Al Fahal, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman.

As our name indicates, the club provides a means by which people with similar interests in off road driving can unite, share knowledge and experience and thereby enhance their ability to explore both desert and mountains of Oman.

The club is run by a voluntary committee and organises day trips, weekend trips and even more challenging longer events in areas like the Empty Quarter. Equipment is available for loan and technical help and guidance is offered.

The ORAC is famous for its annual event 'The Wahiba Challenge' this year will see the 19th Wahiba Challenge.

How do I become a member?

Membership is easy, you can send an email to the club secretary  ( oracsecretary@gmail.com ) giving your contact details (email and gsm) plus RAHRC membership details if you are a member. That's it! No membership fees, you will then be added to the mailing list for all future events.

Alternatively go to the ORAC Membership menu on this site and register online.

PLEASE NOTE: no matter how much conversation and direct help you get from club members - you can only get updates on club events by registering with the club secretary. Only he can put you on our mailing lists.

Do I need to be employed by PDO?

No, membership is open to all.

Do I need to be a member of the RAH Club?

Again this is not necessary, but you will need to be signed in to the club (by a member) as a visitor if you attend any events run within the club (these are rare).

Also as a non RAH Club member you will need to accept that on events where places on trips are limited, we are obliged to give priority to club members (this again is rare). Teams entering for the Wahiba Challenge also must have a 60% RAH membership.   [lg_gallery]

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  1. Hi, I would like to be a member of the club, its an ideal place for my family. Kindly guide me on how I could be a member.
    Currently I am having a Pajero plate number, 53766 R.

    Waiting for your quick response,


    Ameer Farook
    GSM 98081080

  2. thomas tonicello

    Dear friends

    i’m thomas tonicello,
    i will come for in september, from 17 to 26, for a desert adventure, i want to cross wahiba sand’s.
    If it’s possible to have some information about car rent (cheapest possibility), travel map,tracks and gas stastions, because i’ll making a raportage for an italian’s offroad magazine.
    I’m the italian ambassador for the rainforest challenge in malaysa, and i know you are the biggest off road group in oman, and i love to meet you for some photos and give you a little gift.
    I’m waiting for an answer.

    Best reguards
    thomas tonicello.
    (website : thomastonicello.wix.com/thomastonicello)
    cell 0039 3316933444 (whatsapp).

  3. Jamal Suleman

    Good day
    My name is jamal and i moved to Oman from abu dhabi a few months back
    Since i dont have many friends here my weekends are a bit boring
    I dont have experience with regards to off roading and i am interested in it
    What can be done ?
    Thank you

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